Personal Loans

The way things are going up, most citizens are opting to borrow money using personal loans, it might be a personal loan for a deposit on a car or if you’re trying to make it through the month. So what is a personal loan exactly? Lets break personal loans below, Applying for a Personal Loan

Skills Worth Developing

Life today is extremely competitive, and so most employers are looking for people who can not only help increase productivity, but can also provide originality and contribute towards the company’s growth. Therefore, to match the necessities and expectations of their company, employers usually search for people who possess the most desirable and general job skills.

Teen Jobs

Being a teenager doesn’t mean you cannot find a good job to help you through school or for a bit of extra pocket money for needs and hobbies. Here is some advice if you are searching for a holiday job, part time job, or casual work. Labor Laws There are laws across different countries that

Jobs for the Overaged

Though a younger workforce is preferred by some employers, a wide variety of career choices are still available to choose from. As seen by the following statistics, employers are beginning to see the potential of more-experienced and older applicants. The Bureau of Statistics showed that in Australia, between the period of August of 1989 to

Jobs for Graduates

For the third year, according to a survey by Job Outlook, there has been a positive increase in the amount of college graduates being hired. Narrated as the brightest prospect for future graduates, are public accounting and consulting firms, with engineering and construction firms also supporting the idea. As a result of the growing products

Executive Jobs

It is normal for people to strive towards growth and advancements in their career. A promotion is perhaps the best reward they can get, and it makes them feel that all their hard work has paid off. However, there are those whose luck is elusive, and they have to search for their growth elsewhere. This

Part Time Jobs

Some teenagers and university students would like to get a job and earn money, and because these individuals are still in school or studying full time, the next best thing to getting a real full time job is to get one that is part time. Below is some advice and tips to remember when approaching

Sales Vacancies

There are a variety of requirements each specific industry has that an employee has to meet. How do you prepare for a competitive environment when searching for jobs as sales professionals? Below are some useful tips you could use while searching the appropriate job and acing the interview. 1. Research: You should learn important facts

Hotel Careers

Find, Search latest Hotel and guest house Jobs & Vacancies . Browse & Download Application Forms, View Contacts & Upload your CV Online. South African hotel companies are hiring stuff from different career choices and job descriptions. You can work at hotels as: Cleaner Receptionist Accountant Admin Security Gaurd Hotel Companies: Protea Hotel Manhattan Hotel

Legal Secretary

Our client is an International Mining Group- a London Stock Exchange listed, globally diversified natural resources company that require a Legal Secretary to join their team. Minimum Requirements 3+ experience as a Legal Secretary from a reputable law firm. Strong administration skills Great English language skills Fast and accurate typing Relevant secretarial qualification would be